a satisfying experience...

ok, so there’s probably a whole lotta regret here now, but jeez…

Law and disorder: cyclist socks sergeant


Maybe Will?..

Cheers mate, but I hope I don’t look 44. And in no way am I prominent. On another note - sorry I missed last night, Jimmy and I went on, what was for us, an epic ride and couldn’t muster the strength to leave for DISC.

Back on topic. Must be Stu.

the only thing worse than a pig is a pig involved in the union. even more corrupt than the regular ones.
he undoubtedly deserved what he got and is proof that pigs are at least as senseless and dangerous on the roads as the average fuckwit

I don´t think anyone should jump to conclusions regarding who is at fault. I´ve seen my fair share of prick cyclists. Of course the motorist was more than likely at fault but… just sayin

if a “prominent lawyer” is upset by a driver’s actions to such an extent that he is willing to risk his career (ie millions of dollars) to demand satisfaction i’d say it’s pretty clear who’s in the wrong… but yes, let’s wait and see which of these suckholes can put more spin on their story.

E.P.I.C it was until I got jelly legs heading back into Melbourne! Thanks to Will and the other 2 blokes who were setting the pace whilst i gain back my legs…

I vote Stu too…

I hope it was no one on here. regardless of whose fault it was, headbutting a cop in front of his family probably means he’s gonna be in a fair bit of shit.

hope it’s not Stu

I just got called up for jury service (again). I hope I get this case.

And headbutting… ?!

Trust me “prominent lawyers” don’t spend every second thinking about whether their actions will cause them to be disbarred. They do spur of the minute stupid shit like everyone else - google Andrew Fraser.

I think we can discount Stu - if it was him the papers would say “Kiwi hidbutts pug bro”.

I have an image of Stu wearing one of those WW1 german spiked helmets.

My girlfriend headbutted me at a party before we were together. Maybe they should make like we did, and pash off after eating some cheese pizza.
Problem solved!

meh, the pig was off duty, it doesn’t mean shit.
it would be nice if the pig got in a fair bit of shit, cos he was obviously driving like a fucking idiot

change your name to mr_romance!

I made Pizza’s yesterday with no cheese. Yummy.


Has someone been taking notes? Dyl’s stories would surely make great book material.