a seat

that was a perfectly good bike!

Put a couple of castor wheels on it but make them out of Record hubs.

what better use for all those classic track frames that keep running into the back of trucks and breaking.

plus a vintage brooks

Very cool. I love the aesthetics of it.

[RECYCLED BICYCLE FURNITURE by Frida Ottemo Kallstrom"]this isn’t the link I was searching for, but there’s some pretty cool stuff there. head tube wall mounted lamp!

[url=http://“http://813fort.blogspot.com/2006/07/recycled-pot-rack.html”]Pot holder!

[url=http://“http://www.bikefurniture.com/”]THIS is what I was looking for originally](http://"[url)

And now its a perfectly uncomftable and impractical seat.

aww come on, it’s not like they’re for sale or something. i think it’s a pretty clever design, very DIY, you could replace the seat with a stool or something if you wanted, but it’d make a good workshop stool, and it takes, what, 10 mins with a hacksaw and spanner?\

hear hear!
I for one am all in favour of making the most out of old push bikes. seems like a better use for them than rusting, unloved in sheds across the world.