A Single eBay Thread?

So let’s get a concensus.

You know where i voted :slight_smile: A specific forum is a grand idea, as a single thread will just get cluttered.

you missed an option:

“I hate that fucken coldplay bloke!”

but seriously… one thread titled “OMFGLOLTRAKBIEK” would be fine

I really don’t give a fuck.

You don’t have to read a thread, just coz its there.

If you don’t want too, don’t read it!!

the bikeforums.net classic and vintage forum has a few stickies which are very good at keeping the forum less cluttered. One of them is the ebay/craigslist sticky:

I vote for a sticky thread in “pub”. Of course it’s ambitious to think that this forum could ever get so busy as to need uncluttering :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Coudl someone please explain what the fvck sticky means

A sticky is a thread/topic that stays at the top of the forum list. ie. it sticks, and stays there regardless of if there are any replies.

Spuddy is just pissy about e-bay because it tempts him to buy more useless shit that he does’nt need and can’t sell. :smiley: . I definately agree about the single forum thingy.

OOHH let me answer this one!!!

I get that way when I see beer or bikes, used to be also when i saw naked women, but i saw my children being born and then i just look at women in a different way. Kind’a like when you’ve been caught by a serial killer and they’re going to do some weird sado-masachistic killing thingy to you. :shock:

I am not fussed, maybe a specific place for it.

At least im not selling all my bikes!!! :smiley:

This is a done deal.