A single speeder for my kid...

So, my boy is six and he has been harassing me about wanting a bike like Dad.

So I got an old bike and put some bits and pieces and put this together. He thinks he is now the king of the street and was riding laps of the backyard this morning at 5:30am.

Bar tape and spoke cards will be added tonight. My wife wont let me added clips, she’s a fag.

He will be unquestionably popular with ladies when he rides this steed to school.


So awesome.

i think it needs risers :sunglasses:

this is so cool!

no brakes at such a young age…

What a hipster… :lol:

He thinks he’s hip. He’s trying wheelies, which is scaring the living shit out of Dad!

Thats Gold!!!

best. bike. ever.

Rad dad!

When my little one is a bit older I will have to do the same.

totes: not even having kids yet and ive got their first 3 bikes planned out…

Good work Dad…Very cool!! :sunglasses:

So arhhhh, what gear ratio is he running??


nice work!

Your wife is a fag hahahahahaha, thats awesome!

if by ‘awesome’ you mean ‘i’m in awe that people can still think it’s ok to use homophobic terms’, well, sure. plus one.

it kinda bums me out, however, that people who use homophobic language are reproducing.

I can see a ‘post a pic of your kids bike’ thread coming up.

My 5 yr old and 8yr old have BMXs - they’re rad too but the singlespeeder with drops takes the cake.

Most awesome sir.


Stu, you need to get your kids down to the BCC junior clinic!

This juvenile French machine at the 7S swap meet last year was amazing, But JLN’s Jack Taylor link was even better.


that’s so awesome,

I love the ‘in the drops’ pic, you need to teach him about riding elbows out for when he is racing his mates around the basketball courts after school :evil:

Thanks guys, he’s pretty happy with it. Now my daughter wants one too.

I need a bigger shed.

she’s a fag ha