A Sunday in Hell

More like A Sunday Asleep. Fuck me is this the most boring cycling film ever made or what? Jeesus that narrator with his soporific, mellifluous voice and those friggin’ vikings or whoever the fuck they are dirging on “RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…RRROOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAY…” in the background. I’ve tried to make it through this film four times now and every time about it’s only about fifteen minutes in and the eyelids droop, the head rolls back, drool pools and eventually overflows from one cheek the missus is alarmed by the sound of a garden roller being dragged across corrugated iron emanating the front room. AND I already know how it ends.

Anyone made it all the way through? Should I wait for the remake starring ewan mcgregor as eddy merckx?

I thought it dragged the first time, the second and third I liked it better.

I think it was loved by a generation that didn’t have live tour coverage, helicopter fly overs etc.

I had anticipated this one for a very long time because I had heard so much.

I liked it, but I was watching it to get a snapshot into cycle racing in the 70’s. I have the jerseys, so to see them being ridden in real life was amazing.

I thought the whole film had a certain charm, the choral chorus, the commentary, the fashion, the bikes and the team vehicles.

It is of it’s era. What do you expect of it?

Yeah I really enjoyed it. Especially from a historical viewpoint. Great film I reckon.