A taste of cx brakes in the future

Sea Otter 2011: TRP Parabox Cyclo-cross Disc Brake - BikeRadar
I know this has been around before but it is looking more refined.

Potentially good news for us taller people with some spacers in our headset stack, interested to see how it could/would be mounted on bikes with the stem “slammed” as some would say?!?

That Felt prototype in the article looks pretty hot!

The ultimate will be a hydraulic STI lever

seems a pretty complex solution. cable discs aren’t all bad, although i’m surprised shimano haven’t brought out a hydro brifter yet

magura hs 66… anyone? Runs on Mineral oil, drop bar mounted…?

  • Joel

what he said. Avid BB7s are the mutt’s nuts and they’re available in a ‘road’ version with shorter cable pull for brifters.


Isn’t it possible to have too much braking (hydro’s)?
I would have thought cable disc’s would be fine, though they may need more attention in muddy races.