A visit to the Potato factory...


Mike and Larry explained that Aerospoke wheels aren’t only used on bikes - they’re the totally hot choice for sulky wheels on horse tracks around the world. The clear plactic covers are designed to keep horses feet out of the spokes…Aerospokes have been proven to be stronger than the conventional spoked wheel - Bet you had no idea that 700c wheels were used in horse racing. If they are strong enough for horse racing, they’ll surely hold up to your abuse.

‘Potato Factory’ I just choked on my lunch lol

Strong enough for horse racing?? The jockey in the sulky probably only weighs 60kgs anyway.

Plus the tracks are reasonably flat an manicured. My wife works with harness racing horses and I’m sure she’s seen me come down a gutter or something much hard than any sulky ever will.

It’s an interesting tid-bit that they use 700c’s but not a ringing endorsement for “bulletproof urban assault wheels” :roll:

I like how they’re going to start marketing the plastic covers to Polo players.

why do people like aerospokes, they are horrible

Nah, bro! Mine’s rad! :smiley:

about as rad as your crankset WHAT

cranks are for wimps