A Vivalo with Phils - Melb

Someone here ?

Vivalo fixie/fixed gear/track bike njs | eBay

Seen this advertised for 6 months +

No change in price as yet. I wouldn’t call it unreasonable though.

Neat. Reasonable price, though I reckon it’d be easier to move if the seller part’ed it out.

same bike maybe?


Nope, that was a chrome one. I know a few users here including myself who had a punt purely for resale value.

Price has dropped a little. No takers for the 1500 opening bid last time with the now ‘sold’ mks/toshi set-up though…

Vivalo fixie/fixed gear/track bike njs | eBay

This is Leon’s old frame http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t8049/

The current seller Shaun is a “mate” of greenbike. Rims are sport (not pros) with the rear phil re-spaced for 110 to suit the frame. There are also some minor stone chips around the rear stay area not mentioned in the listing… I have good reason to think that if someone gives him 1500, he’ll still take it, maybe less now that the pedals are no longer included? I tried haggling a little to replace my taxi f&^%ed bike and get rolling properly again, but the two tone black/machined rims (silver would have been so much more classy) annoy me and the frame is probably a fraction too big for my liking anyway. 54 is doable though, hmmmmm…

And yes, he has been trying to sell it for ages…

Hey, does anyone have anything super nice, but a tad smaller laying around that I could buy? :smiley: