A0 printing needed ASAP - MELB!!

soooooooooo we need some A0 posters done, ummmm, tonight…???

or tmrw morning.

if you can help, let me know, cough cough JAMIE SULLY cough cough.

0405 571 790

do it.


There is a place on Bridge Rd, Richmond called TDC3 who helped me out BIG TIME back when I was at uni, super fast on the spot large format printing (providing there isn’t already jobs in the print queue).

Leading Digital Printing Company Melbourne | TDC3 Melbourne | Banner Printing Services Melbourne

they open at 10 AM Saturdays and if you are waiting on their doorstep you might be in luck.

thx sime, will look into it first thing tmrw.

No probs, rather than heading over there, have a PDF file ready to go, maybe call them and ask if they can do it.
If they say yes, email them the file immediately and it’ll probs be done by the time you get there.

This place was my best kept secret throughout uni, I never really had to wait and they always came through with the goods.


closed weekends.