Aaaaaaaawwwwww yeah.

Yeah actually.

Wow that thing is a fucking death trap! Single speed with a pissy front brake on a teeny rim… Goodluck stopping that downhill haha Not to mention it’s fugly and looks like it’s going to snap in half!


Dat front teny. Looks like it’s wrapped in paper mache to look like a spok.
also front brake only and near the stem, i imagine that’d be “interesting” to ride

That frame doesn’t look too bad though to me eh. Nothing fancy or anything, but there are some good signs.

I thought it was bubble wrap.

Was totally gonna have a go at this.

Canti bosses and forged dropouts.

EBB. Double fork crown. Ovalised bottom tube. Scolloped seat stay caps.

You’ve got a better eye than I do.

I feel like I’ve seen that frame before in another guise.

Item location: Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Nothing more to say kids

pingu tandem

Haterz guna h8

the Reynolds one that was at the show and shine with both chains on the drive side and was then on ebay for ages at a high price?

Not bad, but I’m not sure about the double fork crown.

my first thought, but that thing had calipers didn’t it?

Just ruin it.

I can’t remember to he honest.

to be fair they do actually wish you ‘good luck’ in the listing. they probably dont mean it like they should though.