abbotsford cycles

not enough good things to say about this store.

have had awesome previous experiences buying bits and bobs from them and today they opened up early while i was hanging around out the front looking all sad with a flat tire and running late for work and had it fixed and me back on the road in 5.

cheesy post but attention should be given to local bike stores who give killer service…

yer those guys are great, one of the best lbs around.

except for the time they put 2 dents in the top tube of my friend Malvern 5 star

Thats probably because 5,000 year old pieces of shit dent easy :-o

Oh SNAP!!!


ripper service, lovely people to deal with.


my mate louey works there
other than that its a great shop

I love Abbotsford. I went in there today, the guy was really helpful and the prices are good. Plus they had these awesome san marco saddles for $10. Definitely one of the better shops around.

is he the young guy with the dark hair? if so, he has said some very questionable things to myself and some friends…

Ooh what did he say? What did he say?

User Cale and I were in there once, and Cale was getting something checked out on his old bike. The guy came up and told Cale that he had a nice bike, but the front brake ruined it. We proceeded to question him about his opinion on brakes, and he told us that “you lose your freedom with a brake”. He then said that he rides a 64cm frame (Cale is a tall guy and rides a 59cm, and this guy was considerably shorter), and pointed to an unknown hill outside the shop and said he could “ride down it brakeless”. There were some other funny things said by him but I cannot remeber them at the moment.

I also had a similar experience involving this guys opinion on brakes when inquering about the Dia Compe clamp on brakes…

Don’t get me wrong though, Abbortsford Cycles is a great shop and I buy most of my parts there.

The ones that have a jetpack attached?

Jetpack? They are just perforated san marco bontrager saddles but I guess you could attach your own jet pack if your that way inclined.

I know the ones you mean


I’m still confused as to how any of that stuff the dude at AC says is ‘questionable.’ I think your use of the word questionable is questionable.

i think ur being a bit harsh to louey there mate, so what if he doesn’t use a brake.
i also ride breakless and have ridden down the hill on punt rd with him, he fuking kills it, a very skilled young rider.
ont be a hater, make friends with him and the others and ur in for some sweet discounts.

Yeah, so he should totally tell people to ride the way he does, regardless of skill level, cause you just gotta be one with the bike, man dude.


I fail to see the sentence where he tells Cale he’ll take his brake off for him and force him down the Punt Rd hill to experience ‘freedom.’

Even that comment is ‘questionable.’