Abbott got Di2

Lucky prick

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Abe then handed the PM a perspex case displaying a gift in return which was on its way out to the airport to be secured in the hold of the PM’s plane. It was electronic bicycle gears made by Shimano — a company based in Abe’s prefecture.

“the traditional Australian gift, normally a stuffed marsupial”


Would’ve been cheaper just to get it from Wiggle.

“So, you have one of these on your head?”

“The two even fed the fish in the imperial pond”

yeah i bet they did…

Hmm, prime ministers can’t keep personal gifts when representing the nation. So that means it’s owned by Australia. maybe we get to share it around.

And from that day it was known as “Another Reason To Run Campag Tuesday”

one of your finest moments pinzo.

abbott is like the arch hubbard. its great.

Keirin jersey too.

Have you noticed how abbott walks like he’s still wearing his road cleats even when he’s in full business attire? So weird.

^ SPD compatible Julius Marlows?

and talks like he had a high-speed, head-first, un-helmeted tumble off his bike?

A classic example of just because he rides a bike, DOESN’T mean he’s a decent person. Noob mistake.

Love this…