ABC story on "Bike Polo"???

I feel dirty coming into this part of the forum, but I figure you polo kids get your forum kicks from elsewhere these days if the number of new posts in here is anything to go by.

Just saw this on the ABC News site: ‘Anti-sport’ mixes fun and fitness - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I’m too scared to click on the link but please tell me it’s due it being classified as a condition related to teenage pregnancies, petrol sniffing, stillnox dependency and housing commission inadequacies. And that there is a cure.

Oh wait, that’s the tricks forum.

You forgot foetal alcohol syndrome.

I’ve never been in this forum either. Weird.

Yep I watched this yesterday on ABC24. Was pretty cringe-worthy. Miriam seemed to be riding a bike that was too big for her, no wonder she was crap.

I saw bike polo on wide world of sports. Was hoping Michael Slater would fall off, but he was ok.

Me neither.


0:52 - Ultimate hipster

Well, I learned some things about le coq sportif.

le coq sportif sponsored one of our teams at this years world champs in Geneva hence why we return the favor

p.s. Slater was actually a natural at it, he slotted a goal within seconds of trying it before the cameras were on. We thought a bat would have been better, but he managed well enough.

I think i saw bogear Rangadave in the crash section.