Saw one of these tonight.


Looks like it’s curved in all the wrong places.

Italian made though. No info on the tubing.

EDIT: Look at that seat tube angle?!?!?!

Im just wondering how long it will be before they are sued by the IOC for the use of the rings as colour options.

Oooh, I just read they do leather covered bike chain locks. Practical!

The LFGSS thread is kinda LOL worthy.

I instantly thought of Dali, and this…

the persistence of memory has always scared me, as do these frames

gawd, it’s like they took every gimmick from the history of cycling and built into a big gaspipe shitheap that has a toptube that’ll fold like paper if the bike takes the weakest impact. i love that the model pictured is called the ‘fuga’, they were so close yet so far from ‘fugly’.
handmade in italy? i doubt it. probably handmade in itly the same way prada is handmade in italy. put together in china then handstitch the label on when its gets back to italy and it can be called ‘made in italy’

and this line pretty much sums the whole thing up:

you can find ABICI in the best furniture and clothes shops.

they’re BSO’s, not bicycles…

they were making dutch style bicycles three or so years ago.

Pissed frame builders me thinks. At least they’ll be cheap seeing as I can’t imagine anyone buying one.

Lemon Party!!!..consider this a warning.

bit behind the times, aren’t you?

“I used to be with “it,” but then they changed what “it” was. Now, what I’m with isn’t “it,” and what’s “it” seems weird and scary to me,”—Abraham Simpson

Seemed doubly relevant.

I think IT was what one of those ol fellas in lemontime was chokin on!

And those bikes in OP make POH frames look cool .