About to pull the trigger on a Wolverine -

I’m just waiting for my tax return to come through. But before I do, can anyone suggest similar frames that I might not have found?

I’m going to get a 650b wheelset built for it, thanks partly to these guys raving about it. I’ve wanted to try the 650b platform for a while, and don’t really see the point in having another 700c x 40mm bike in the garage.

The Wolverine comes highly rated from all kinds of people (our Geoff etc especially) and I can’t see any reason not to get it but i’m still a little apprehensive. What else should I be looking at?

Frames like Elephant NFE are currently out of the question (money and time restraints). I toyed with the idea of a Romanceur but threaded fork and disc is questionable (but looks primo!).

I’m probably going to run my old-school Record triple groupset on it for now, and build DT Swiss or Hope rear wheel (Campy), and SP dynamo on the front. Dunno what rims to run yet.

Cool, shoot!

Get the wolverine.
They’re a really great bike with great features for a great price. Probably would have gotten one myself if the NFE hadn’t come through.

Do it.

Regrets will be fleeting, resale will be high.

Buy this too.


Mmm going to run mechanical for now, disc alone will be a massive change for me.

I agree with Geoff: the Shimano hydro stuff is excellent.

But you’ve already got the campy triple group ready to go, so that’ll give you great range for climbing etc.
I reckon you should wear that out and save for hydro in the meantime. It’s sooooo good.

If you’re going flat bar I’m pretty sure I’ve got a cable disc setup floating around.

They seem very hard to beat, from what I’ve seen. Better tubing, geo and dropout design in comparison to a Straggler, which I guess is the closest competitor?

Assume you’ve checked out the Salsa options. The Fargo and Vaya don’t quite compare directly though.

I didn’t like my Surly very much, the Wolverine definitely sounds like a step up.

Will be running Nitto drops, it’s going to look like all my other bikes, really. Early 2000s group, saddle bag, Nitto rando bars etc.

I’m pretty tired of mech disc on my Velo Orange, too much adjustment required for me, leaky pipe syndrome I suppose, but have heard basically only good things about the wolverine

They are good. Current version has seatstay split not dropout split for belt drive.
Little bit on the heavy side but ride really well if you don’t overload the front.

Running BB7 road calipers on mine. Better modulation with SRAM levers/brifters than Shimano.

Geoff has probably built & rebuilt the most so check that thread or his Insta.

I have thoughts of Shimano hydro but I don’t have an 11sp 29er rear. Maybe now the Hope Evo 4 hubs are out I’ll get around to it.

You’re going to get the new TRP hydro aren’t you?

Ok ok ok, overwhelming support! 56cm Black Wolv it is.

Larfinboy, did you ever try setting up your Hope hub with a Campy freehub?

You were so close.


^ I meant the colour.

Ah right, yeah nah I can’t be that loud.

You should go orange, its the colour of the ones on the radavist that you like.

You go orange.

more on point
new wolverine coming…