Abuse - Fighting Back?

Yo first post,

Just wondering if you guys cop much shit from pedestrians, drivers etc etc while you’re riding?

I often get 20 somethings and late teenagers with p plates and stuff hooning around me at night and yelling out at me - “fixie faggot” (sic), get off the road, wear a helmet (heh) etc. I used to let it slide but sometimes if I can I try and give them a shock so they leave me alone. If they’re yelling abuse for no apparent reason (other than the fact that my bike doesn’t have a freewheel) I generally try and fuck with them as much as I can, sometimes I just pump it and catch them at the next red light where I lay into their car (no damage just my arm makes a lot of noise) or just freak the people out inside, being sure that I’m able to slip away of course. Otherwise I try to be as courteous as possible when riding on the roads, as a fellow (well recently former but that’s a whole other story) motorist I sympathise with people getting frustrated by cyclists so I’ll often run through the door zone and slip into gaps to let people pass wherever possible as well as usually on riding late at night. Sometimes though people wil just cruise behind you and beep continuously, (i once had a woman follow me for about 10 minutes on king street with her hand on the horn for about 80 percent of the time) taxis will cut me off or yell and then i usually just get my bike, take my hands off the handlebars and slow down as much as possible to make them miss the light or just fuck with them for being so rude. Fight fire with fire eh haha? I know people are probably going to burn me for being a dickhead and point out the fact that one day someone will probably just snap and run me over and I know I know it’s dumb but what do can you do? How do you guys do it?

Let it slide, as tempting as it is, otherwise you make us all look like arseholes.

wear a helmet, get a freewheel and ignore them.

if you wanna give shit then get your clock cleaned buy a car full of dickbags post pix

Yeah that’s my only major issue because I know we often get a bad wrap. As I said I’m normally very courteous, I’m only shitty to shitty drivers but yeah I guess you’re right.


Just get a gun, you know you want to :wink:

Keep your D handy.

Size up the car occupants, decide from there.
I have to let 99% slide as I’m just to small haha
If the endanger my life ill let them know if there just being dicks I let it slide, I won’t let them ruin my ride.

cool story bro.

I try to stay calm and let it slide but eventually they’ll wind me up enough and get surprised by this 90kg angry skinhead with a thick london accent using words in such a way that would make a sailor blush. I desperately try to avoid fights but one day someone is gonna be gagging to be knocked out…

You called it buddy!

definitely gonna try the flashing one next time

blow kisses and “call me maybe”


I still say punch 'em. Idiots don’t react to intelligence … they only know one thing, the taste of their own blood and that ouch feeling when their nose is punched and it brings tears to their eyes.

I’m tired of rolling over, tired of being nice, tired of taking the high ground. If someone fucks with me I’ll be happy to remind them before they have time to think and go about my usual business of watching for broken glass, pedestrains with headphones in another world and dickheads on bikes that demonstrate that is it possible to ride a bike without any brains.

i used to give ppl shit until two guys in a ute chased me down, cut me off, pulled me off my bike, slammed me against a wall, and told me they were going to cut my throat.

they didn’t, obvs, but it was enough for me to pull me head in.

I’m with HMC. I’d love to give some back, but I’m a 70kg hipster with little fighting experience. The last time I spoke up I was cut off, cornered and threatened with a beating. The only way out was to apologise for doing nothing wrong. Should’ve just let it go…

yeh try dropping pricks in spds.

shits not gonna fly.

At least you have a helmet on when the fists start flying…

this. you don’t know if you’re gonna mess with the wrong arseclown. if you can, keep your cool.