achilles hmm?

sooo, i went on a long ride the other day, i made 400k’s in two days but on the second day my achilles tenden started to hurt, in the morning ofcourse, this happened very stupidly because my arse was so sore on te sadle i thought that i should put my seat down a bit, and then my knee started to hurt and now that my knee hurt i had to put my saddle a little bit too high, and i had to keep going ofcourse because i was in butt fuck know where germany and now walking is even problematic.

  1. is there any possibility i will be able to ride the return trip in the next week?

  2. what is the most realistic treatment. i cant afford health cover in this country so i wont be able to see someone. i have read everything from cold compress to "you must use crutches straight away for two weeks…


i have the same problem…
going to an osteopath next week. if i get any useful feedback i will let you know. (if thats not too late!)

Must be that kind of week, I’ve got the exact same thing. Instead of doing something about it, however, I’m waiting it out. Which is probably the smartest thing. I should be a doctor.

Man I’m sick of not being able to ride.

Achilles injuries have a nasty habit of becoming long term injuries. I know three people (one snowboarder, on rider and one runner) who have had seemingly minor achilles tears, only to turn into chronic injuries. Two of them have had surgery, the other suffers quietly: needless to say he can’t snowboard anymore.

See a physio, get some advice, and be prepared for “you must use crutches straight away for two weeks…”

first place?


you will not regret it. i’m betting that dom will tell you the following things:

you need to drop your ankles when you pedal, so your foot is closer to flat;
you need to work on a circular pedalling motion, rather than just pushing down;
you should move your cleats on your new shoes back a bit.

that’d be my guess.

make sure you get the video treatment. strange to watch yourself on the bike.

you will not regret it. i’m betting that dom will tell you the following things:

make sure you get the video treatment. strange to watch yourself on the bike.

Who is this Dom and where do I find him? I’m having a few positional niggles at the moment and could use some scientific help…

Dom works here

Thankee but linkee no workee

Does too.

you go yet cam? was i right?

getting a professional opinion is a good suggestion. I had achilles trouble last year doing a lot of trail running- turned out to be inflammation from overuse, although it came on fairly suddenly, and with management (voltaren, lots of ice) I was able to keep on running in the leadup to the event I was preparing for.

Hope the news is good when you get it-

Brendan… Yes and No.
Yes in that i tried what you said before i went to see dominic and it seemed to help. Thanks Dr Bailey.
No in that he didnt actually say any or those words… He didnt have the video camera at work so i didnt get filmed, and my bike didnt fit the trainer. so we just eye balled it from still positions.
Nothing to major is wrong, looks like i have weak knees and resistance brakeing with the same leg first has slowly worn down one knee. so im gona put a front brake on and do some stretchs and all should be ok! fingers crossed. oh and a longer stem he said too…110-120mm. so ill try sort that soon.

quite relieved.

yeah, it’s good when he doesn’t tell you to buy a new bike…

i did suggest to him that a thesis on the fixies vs knees battle would go down a treat. however, he was more excited about these shoe insert things that can show where in your foot the power is being transferred, and through that, which parts of your legs are doing the work (and, more importantly, which parts are not). sounded pretty cool…