Actual cheap Olmo road bike.

$750 buy it now with full super record? I’m calling that a bargain!

VINTAGE OLMO ITALIAN ROAD BIKE (eBay item 320673064476 end time 24-Mar-11 09:44:48 AEDST) : Sport

Agree !!! I’m amazed nobody has bought it as yet.

I’ve seen the bike in person, and know the seller - one of the few people I’d recommend buying from. It’s a peach, all Italian and even has Martano rims which gets extra cool points from the the cognoscenti.

If it were my size it would have been long gone.

Goneski…anyone her snaffle it?

I think erle called dibs on it.

haha fuck off jerk.

Good price for a quick sale. The bits weren’t mint but a great deal.