Adbusters told me I'm a hipster.

Who wants to buy my bikes?*

*I’m not selling them. People haven’t been getting my sarcasm lately, so no, I’m not selling my bikes.

This obsession with “street-cred” reaches its apex of absurdity as hipsters have recently and wholeheartedly adopted the fixed-gear bike as the only acceptable form of transportation – only to have brakes installed on a piece of machinery that is defined by its lack thereof.

it’s a pretty poorly written article.
fixed gear bikes by definition are not “defined” by their lack of brakes, they’re defined by the fixed gear.

Whats a collective of Hipsters - A Fixie

Ahh, don’t take the bait. And don’t start me on Adbusters. They whine about the monoculture of nike and other shoe manufacturers, but then Lasn tries to tell people to wear his any-colour-you-like-as-long-as-it’s-black sneakers 'cause they’re better for the international workers of the world …

Even though they only come in one design and are lumbered with his ‘Let’s kick Phil Knight’s ass!’ ‘anti-brand’ iconography - the black spot, the red dot on the toe, etc - which are just another brand.

( Well, their ‘corporate america’ flag is cool and all, but they don’t say where it’s made on their website :wink: )

Adbusters relies on its own brand of ‘social-political-ethical’ hipster to bring the message to the masses. I used to regurgitate the contents of its pages to friends and co-workers to give the impression I was a worldy soul etc but then I realised I was being a pompous ass and STFU.

Now I bore people by crapping on about riding fixed and playing polo. Win-win! :smiley:

Haha, I used to do that too!
Adbusters is a wank, just like the subjects they criticize. The article felt like it was written by a naive arts student. Human beings are complex things, and it’s stupid to attempt to deconstruct peoples behaviour in the space of two pages of a magazine.

I think you’re being generous. I didn’t read much of it before I thought ‘what a heap of shit’.

I think we’re supposed to rise to the challenge (taking breaks from the vigorous anal intercourse that’s a mandatory part of fixed-gear cycling culture, of course) and send back a well-thought-out riposte to their letters page, which I’m sure a million fired-up fixie hipsters are already in the process of doing, and then cross our fingers and wait for the alpha cool hunter himself to ask us to write a feature article.

Why add to his market share/brand recognition … when we could be riding

This article is a parody right??
if not, then im afraid Adbusters has its head so far up its own arse it can taste bile

Adbusters jumped the shark a long time ago but this is true self-parody.
badly researched, badly written. im gonna send them a bill for the time they just wasted

I could only read up to when fixies were mentioned.
What’s the quote, Thou dost protest too much… or something like that.
Get a fixie, you know you want one

You’re only a hipster if you WALK your bike - brakeless or otherwise.

Any Naomi Klein fans in the house?

i’ve read no logo, does that count?

Only a hipster would take offense to that article.


has anybody ever read the letters page of Adbusters?
there are some creepy people that read that Magazine

I always wondered what would happen when you put the ‘Israel can do no wrong’ crowd on the same page as the ‘No justice - No peace’ guys. It’s awesome.

There’s only one that can save us now…

Calling the keeper of the zombie monkeys and other deeply related stories!! The world needs you again, and this time it’s SERIOUS!

I forget and am too lazy to check back on past threads.

Am I the keeper of the zombie monkeys or is it John?


If you have to ask then it’s not you.

Hipsters unite.

Feel-good hit of the Summer.

I groaned when I saw the initial paint job, then read the 6 pages of the story behind.

Makes the Adbusters “article” (and all other talk of fixed gear hipsters) seem so silly.