Addictive game of the week.

Well, this is the most addictive game I’ve come across in a while.

GeoGuessr - Let’s explore the world!

Top score so far is 10542, would have been better but I got screwed over by a very Canadian looking Norwegian farm.

This is great, just got 8095. Suprised how close I got on some

So good!

Just got 13209!

… one of the places it dropped me was right in front of a sign with a city and state name on it. ended up being 800m from perfect!

this game is great.

I lucked out and got a stretch of road I know in NZ, got within 20kms of the right spot, 5000 points.

Got 12336 points that round.

Fuck Australian outback looks just like Africa!

Yeah, I just got a bunch of 5 of empty roads in the middle of nowhere, barely got the right continent!

Think I just got the record for the lowest score- Africa to Australia

I guessed china for one of them, it was actually brazil, der.

Go 17599 last round.

17120 Golden gate bridge gave me a very good head start

awesome! I love it. peeking in cars to see if left or right hand drive, zooming in on shop signs, all fun.

did well first go, but my last one killed my score a bit, got 11000 somethin

yeah on my big one there was a bridge I knew and then a bridge in the florida keys.

Guessing Hawaii is always a bit risky. Freakin awesome when you nail it though.

I’m getting within 100 metres. Not sure if I’m trying to hard…

10990 points

This is so much fun. I got one within 200km’s in the S.Korean countryside - I thought that was pretty good. I also saw two boats floating in mid air in a Louisiana fishing town. I should’ve screen grabbed it.

Edit: First go, pretty happy with how I fared

16667!! yew.

God damn it canada. Why do you have to be so big and scandinavian looking?


  1. That was using google maps in another tab though…

The amount of times Mexico has screwed me over is ridiculous