[ADEL] Apocalypse ride 22.9.08

awesome. i was thinking of doing the same thing strangely enough, i read the wikipedia page on those dudes yesterday.
four riders of the fixpocalypse and all,

Wikipedia page…?

As for the ride… My old band had four matching “four horses of the apocalypse” shirts we wore for a few shows… I reckon I might have to dig out my shirt for the ride.

Can I wear a Gorilla suit?
I have always wanted to dress up as a gorilla and ride around, The end of the world would make a great occasion.

Gorilla suit for that or for when they fire up the big experiments on the Large Hadron Collider

is that rowan and brett ex love like?

It sure is.

You would have to wear some rubber bands on your pants so your ‘fur’ didn’t get caught in the chain.

This is tonight!

The weather is looking very “apocalypse”-esque though. :expressionless:

the rains are commin


lucky its not in mel
my mistake with the radars

http://mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR643.shtml :roll: