[ADEL] Edwardstown Friday Nights

For those with a track bike and nuttin’ better to do Friday evenings, head down to the Edwardstown Soldier’s Memorial Oval, sign on before 6:15pm and have a couple (well, 4!) club-level, and friendly races - there’s also a BBQ and the footy club bar is open for those needing a brew or two after! Also good for spectators, great view of the track from the bar balcony :mrgreen:

You need a CA license or permit, can be arranged on the day. New riders welcome.

About 55 riders turned up last week for Race 1, am sure it will get bigger and better as the season goes on…

Pics from 10/10/08 at Port Adelaide Cycling Club are here:

Get in there all you Adelaide folk looking at actually riding your FIXED WHEEL DEVICE on the track.
Come down and have a chat, it is all good fun.