[ADEL] FOCUS CX & The City Cyclocross Series

Want to enter?
Email cx@pacc.org.au and pay on the day :cool:
Visit cx.pacc.org.au for more info.
Fixies welcome, just not brakeless ones… :wink:

Easter’s out, my birthday/melburn roobaix is out. 22nd of may it is. Jer, hmc, nikcee? Road trip?

If you guys come over, I will catch up for a beer then. That’s all.

You know you want to :slight_smile:
There’s a big open road race the day before also, bring your roadie as well!

Yep interested in May, will talk

Yes, very keen. I think there is a gap in my uni work then. Let’s talk jeremy, blakey, et al.

i will be on the sidelines handing out beer

thanks for leaving me out, buttholes

I’m not going unless Mckenny is.

I’ll be on the sidelines in my skinny jeans on my track bike smoking cigarettes. I don’t actually smoke, but I’ll take it up so I do this and look cool.

CX bong.

i’m keen for the 22 May one.

Forgot there were three more rounds after this. These three are too early for Mr Cee.

Let’s talk road trip guys. I’m only going if mckenny makes mix cds again.

truth… both about my availability and mckennys mix cd making abilities.

There’s some video now up at cx.pacc.org.au
4 seperate events, here’s A-Grade: YouTube - PACC FOCUS CX & THE CITY 22 April 2011 CX-A Race

All went well! Total injuries reported and treated: A few. Total supplies required for injuries; Two band-aids!
Mr N Cee, a hose reel, a hose reel, my life for a hose reel! (Made pack up so easy!)

Excellent! this has been duly noted.

Next race is this coming Sunday…
Shouldering of bikes will be required. There is a run up (you can try to ride it…) And, this time expect mud.

Over 70 riders, 36 in A-grade this Sunday. Do you Melburnians reckon you’r racing’s faster than rAdelaide’s??

More info and results here
[In A-Grade Neil Ross, Aron Huysmans (former pro wintering from Belgium) Mark Chadwick, Shaun Lewis, James Hanus and Josh Smith all looked like early contenders from the starter’s whistle. Youth looked like winning over experience with Hanus going out hard from the gun and leading the first two of 6 laps with a reasonable gap, only to fade in the second half of the race. The others worked together well and there were a few attacks but no one really could get away. Smith, who crashed four times in last month’s race and still managed third, only fell twice this time and still managed to hang on to the leaders despite the blistering pace.

Unfortunately lapped riders became a factor late in the race, with Lewis being chopped off Ross’ wheel with only 500m to go. Lean came through with a clear margin after a late lap surge, over Huysmans, Smith, Ross and Lewis. Lean tricked the commissaires who kept ringing the bell, but you get the idea from the video:

A-Grade Video here:
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=k3OEzYkkq6Y]YouTube - ‪PACC FOCUS CX A-Grade‬‏](]http://cx.pacc.org.au[/url)

no. but from watching that video, ours is definitely more fun.

How so?
we were having fun!

oh wow, you really need to come over here and race. seriously!