[ADEL] FOCUS CX & The City Cyclocross Series

Err Brendan, is that Caro in the B&W lycra over in rAdelaide getting in some preseason practice?

that’s a negatory, red leader. though she has purchased a cx bike and will, allegedly, be riding.

PACC = B&W = the entire womens’ field bar one rider :wink:


you’d give us a good run on the speed stakes… (based on how fast i know jeremy rides, cant say ive seen how fast the top guys go as im usually still racing) but until you have guys with rubber chickens on their helmets spraying mud or beer handdowns i think we can claim the fun-stakes. =p

if the talk from TdB and recent Fb photos/updates is to be believed then this year could be a lot quicker over here…

either way i’m keen to make it over and get schooled by your fast guys and laugh with the rest!

oh and the guy who rides the run-up each time? props…

the fast guys in adelaide are FAST. i got massacred last time in my mate’s bike (somehow didn’t come last), but the top guys absolutely blitzed me. even my super roadie housemate got lapped.

don’t have a suitable bike for the next one so I might just enter the mtb catagory on my downhill bike :stuck_out_tongue:

We have had the beer handdowns already… will have to work on the rubber chickens.
I have to say it is tough work drinking beers at 10:30am. I am getting old…

Race 3 this Sunday…
Last race of series#1
Two fastest lads are tied on points… should be a corker.

Full results are up. And by Full, I mean full. Pretty fancy pants over here.


Taking entries for our 4th race now. Race Day 31 July. Pre-enter if you don’t want to start right at the back…

In case you missed it - here’s a helmet cam lap of our last course. A lot of foxing going on for series points this race - A-grade’s first lap was slow!