[ADEL] Monday Night Rides

We (me and a few other dudes) are looking at doing a regular ride in Adelaide on Monday nights… I’m free most Monday nights and I’m sick of watching Scrapheap Challenge re-runs and want to go for a regular ride for a couple of hours. Meet somewhere in the city, and go from there. Any suggestions welcome (but no jokes about how I should move from Adelaide). There may, or may not be beer involved in this ride as well.

Contact me through www.myspace.com/adelaidefixedgear, and add AFG as a friend.

There will be more details on that myspace and hopefully this will start next week!




Monday Night Rides are now happening!

WHAT: A quick (and fast) ride through the city and surrounding suburbs, no longer than an hour-and-a-half. Stops may be made at a pub or two as well. The route changes each week. Fixed gears and single-speeds encouraged, but any bike is welcome.

WHEN: Every Monday night, we meet at 6.30-ish, we start riding at 6.50-ish.

WHERE: Meet at the Ed Castle (west end of Currie Street), look for the dudes at the bar, probably wearing wind-breakers & spray jackets.

More like wearing tight jeans with flannys and the latest cycling cap slightly tilted to the side and a strange look on their faces. The kinda look that says “im not totally comfortable right now”.
Soooooo Urban.

That’s us!

But it’s on Tuesday’snow.

I’m ironing my name brand urban flanny right now in preparation for Tuesday.