[ADEL] Saturday Arvo Ride

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a cool name, but…

Looks like the weather’s gonna be a treat for a ride on Saturday (finger’s crossed), so is anyone interested in meeting in the city, heading maybe south, then east, then coming back in to the city for a drink at the Exeter? Start around 2pm at the Victoria square?

Pasta with fresh basil and sun dried tomatoes and a dash of the old red vino. That makes for a good dish, just make sure theres heaps of garlic.
Btw check out this mad old school velodrome footage i recently found.
really well filmed.

Ride On.

dougie is a man twat

This thread’s like a year old!

is your phone connected jolan?

More like 2. I do like that recipe it’s making me hungry.

Dougie said “man twat” today and it was fukn hilarious.

LOL. yeah, we can ride back in time. Back to future style!

And yeah, phone was flat… no ride today, maybe next week.

You kids are crazy!

The speed you ride i thought you may have already perfected backward time travel.
Seriously, when i was riding next to you last time, i looked at ya aerospoke and it was defin8ly moving in a reverse direction.

My bad, i meant to post it in the “best meals to eat while on a fixxxy thread”.

Yeah, it’s an optical illusion.