ADEL - Stolen fixie

hey peeps

so my friends fixie was stolen after womad the other night from hackney road. keep your eyes out for it and PM me if you see it around.

it had a surly wheelset
carlton cobra chromoly stainless frame
shimano clipless platform pedals
brooks saddle
and a bad brains sticker on the seat tube!!


This is the second stolen bike I’ve heard of in Adelaide today.

A friend of a friend aquired a stolen 2009 SE Lager SS (the white one) when his brother’s friend “borrowed” it on the weekend. He wants to return it (not the thief, fuck him). I think i know who own’s it, but if you know her (Cassie I think her name is), tell her to get in contact with me. I know where you bike is!

Also, I’ll keep an eye out for the other stolen bike. Adelaide is only so big…

The white SE lager SS is being returned to it’s owner tonight.

Does Cassie have a piercing in her top lip perchance?

PS- Your brothers friend deserves an ass kicking.