[Adel] Stolen: Voodoo Wazoo SSCX

Mate has his Voodoo Wazoo stolen from outside the Leicester Hotel in Malvern on the weekend.

This is an old photo but 90% same components - has different saddle, pedals and both the fenders and bottle cages were removed.

Has a fair dent in the downtube with some paint missing (care of Blakey), a Prolly pie-head sticker on the seat tube and non-original BMC crabon forks. It is pretty distinctive.


(I bet it was Zoltan.)

Page one of resoned decision - the bicycle was stolen from the 'leafy-green eastern ‘burbs’: Zoltan’s homeland.

Page two - It’s steel, and thus real and has soul. The exact kind of soul that a Zoltan would creep on.

Oh man, the house of cards is tumbling now.

page 3 - described as ‘distinctive’, something Zoltan wants from a bike. none of this generic, mass produced GIANT rubbish…

Page four - a little obvious but - it is a SWEET SSCX maaaan.

Oh fuck.

I swear it wasn’t me!

Lance denied doping. Zoltan denied stealing bike.

I’ll let you join the dots.

classic ZLTN.

…but yeah, this bike is still at large!

Zoltan number one suspect but we are yet to find the smoking gun…

Phil Ligget will make a statement in support of Zoltan shortly.

Waiting for statement from Mike Rann regarding appearance fees paid to Zltn.

all of zltn’s former bandmates confess to also stealing bikes.

I will no longer support Zoltan’s charity MathStrong, which aims to improve primary school children’s understanding of unsuual time signatures.