Adelaide Gravel Grinder #1 Spring is Sprung

More info to come.

Make a note in your diary.

Thanks to Blakey for the gentle nudge to get these rolling.


I saw this, got excited, then noticed the date. I’ll be at a wedding in NSW :frowning:

Also, it’s in Adelaide Rolly.

thanks captain obvious!!! :wink:

Oh you two!

Will also aim to run one of these at Tour Down Under time, along with some other events to entice you cats across the border.
It is really a great week to be Adelaide.

I am pencilling this in.

I have added it to my calendar… The Friday is the last night of the Jade Monkey / Two Ships and the Saturday is Russian Circles. Gonna be a big weekend.

Are you planning something do able on a steel roady, or should we be thinking CX/ MTB?

Round trip to startin point, or point to point?

This might help you out Dave… Adelaide Gravel Grinder #1 Sping is Spung | adelaidegravelgrinders

FWIW, I’ll be on the 'cross bike with a six speed and Panaracer Pasela touring tyres.

Have planned a loop starting and finishing at the Norton Summit Post Office, I did the most of the loop today on a touring bike with 32mm slicks. Main issue is traction when climbing out of the saddle (less pressure perhaps) , there are two hard climbs early on and then it settles down to rolling hills on some very very smooth fast gravel.

BUMP!!! this weekend.

I’m out :frowning:

Just a reminder of a few essentials to bring:

  • A fully charged phone (most of the ride will have coverage for calls and Google maps)
  • Some rain gear; looks like we may be up against some showers
  • Spare tubes, tyre levers and basic tools
  • Some snacks
  • Some money for food and/ or a pint at Lobethal.

Look forward to seeing you all Sunday morning at the Norton Summit Post Office carpark.
This will be a really fun day out on the bike, fair amount of climbing and some really lovely roads.

Here is the map for a sneak peek;
Adelaide Gravel Grinders #1 in Lobethal, Australia | cycling Map | MapMyRIDE

fffuuu i didn’t even know this was on, now i have other stuff planned :frowning:

Damn, looks like a fun ride, pity I can’t make it tmr.
Rode Debneys, Sprigg and Collins roads this morning, the rain yesterday has made them nice and tacky, unlike the wheel spinning dryness of the past few weeks.
Enjoy tmr!

Since I also missed this I plan to do it mid week in the near future.
Thanks to Clarion & JK for the map.

Adelaide Gravel Grinders #1 in Lobethal, Australia | cycling Map | MapMyRIDE