ADL becoming more cyclist friendly?

Was heading down Rundell street the other day and noticed a green cyclist stopping area next 2 HJ’s. its about time stuff like this started popping up! anyone els seen similar things?

A token bike box. Woohoo.

I am pretty sure that would have been an Adelaide City Council initiative. Maybe send them an email and let them know that what they are doing is being appreciated?

I might send them an email and ask where the fuck the bike lane is now they’ve re-surfaced and painted the lines on Port Road heading into the city past Bonython Park. There used to be one, then they did whatever the fuck they’ve been doing there (tram extension…?), but now it’s kind of finished, there’s no fucking bike lane. Three lanes heading into the city, looks like the one of the far left is now my bike lane.

Where’s Rundell Street? I wanna see this bike box… :smiley:

eeer it’s not kind of finished, they have not put the bloody tram down there yet.
I will be interested in what response you get if you do email :evil:

based on the bike lane that the acc has painted in the 50m leading up to that green box, it would appear they want us dead

It’s funny how Rundle St is the one street in the city you can count on always having the bike lane filled by people and taxis 24/7.
At the same time as the developments on Rundle St, they changed the bike lane at the bottom of Vic Sq. so that you have to swerve into traffic to cross the intersection. I find it hilarious.

Hi all… I just wanted to say that this discussion has some really important points in it… Like telling the ppl we elect how their decisions effect us. I have recently been in touch with Patrick Conlon (Transport Minister SA Gov and lycra biker) about some of the things I have noticed and how important some of these issues SHOULD be to the State Gov esp leading up to the election this year.

I have also been in touch with Unley Council about the bike path between Goodwood Rd and King William Rd that is known to them as the West Unley Commuter Route and the funds they have already received from Planning SA to install lights along that bike/Pedestrian path so it is safer to use at night.

I would encourage those of you who have a few moments, to contact your local member (all of their names and electorates they represent are here with links to their electorate office contact details and email addy’s: )

It seriously only takes a moment to let them know what you think about what’s happening in your area.

Let them know what you think. If you don’t, there will be no reason to whinge about stuff not happening in your area.