[ADL] Help out, bike stolen

Can you guys please keep an eye on my bike around? my bike got stolen at 15 december around 12 midnight to 3pm, it was parked outside of my house unlocked. I live in norwood, edward street.

just recently changed the fork i dont have the new picture, sticker bombed frame i can tell all the stickers, front 650c aerospoke poorly repaint with spray can. If you guys see the bike please call me at 0433900529. Please help, spread the words, that would be very much appreciated. thanks

Frame is unknown, no brand, pursuit, with 650c carbon fork


Local police called me this morning, told me they found my bike and i can pick it up in the police station. aww yiss


Early Christmas present.

Any details of where it was found etc?

damned joy riders. i take it you’re gonna employ a lock now?

With the high AUD and competition from overseas lock markets many small Australian fixie riders are struggling to grow and maintain their cycling portfolios so the job prospects for small local locks are slim. I’m sure tony Abbott is somehow to blame for this.

i feel it’s in fact the unions’ fault for inflating local lock wages beyond a competitive rate. fuck the lock unions

i was wayyy too tired to lock the bike on sat night, was planning to go out early in the morning as well so i didnt lock it but yeah my bad my bad.

it was found on sunday night on beulah road around 11pm, the bike was just leaning unlocked on the pole on the street with the lights on. the police waited to see whos the owner and a wild tall man appeared and walk the bike, and it was suspicious for such a small bike.
the dude was on drugs or drunk, cant be bothered to walk and he stole my bike. no damage on my bike, he only took out all the spokescards (prayers card from my mom :frowning: ) and i think he rode without putting the straps on, dragging them all they way.

aww yissss