Advanced bicycle technology = recalls?

I know this is an old story, but I still find this interesting:

Mavic releases ‘revolutionary’ carbon fibre spoked wheelset that is meant to provide unheard of advances in stiffness and weight reduction. It is released onto the market for a year or two, then they find a catastrophic flaw in the design of the front wheel spokes. Being unidirectional, they break too easily.
Hence begins massive recall…

Funny how steel spokes, no matter how hard they try and come up with other materials and designs, always come out on top? Even wheelsets like the Ksyrium SL which use Aluminium spokes fail after a relatively short life.

Or am I being old fashioned?

“…Oh, the old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be…”

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Grant Petersen (Bridgestone / Rivendell) recently wrote about carbon vs steel forks and how he believes noone will be buying them in a few years (plus they’re no good for fatties and fenders due to forming limitations).

Maybe that’s taking it too far, but I’d be more comfortable trusting my beautiful face to a 20 year old rust free steel fork than a 10yo carbon fork with unknown history on a fast downhill at this stage.

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Hmmm, that sounds like my fork. :expressionless:

if had a headset press i would have put my old steel forks back on my fixie a while ago, i just dont trust my carbon/alu forks.

wont be doing the Roobaix on em thats for sure.