Advice Needed: Track Frames

I have been racing my Eimei NJS on the velodrome for the last few years and as much as I love it, it’s time for an upgrade.

Starting with the frame, Im looking for ‘value for performance’. I was considering a Cervelo T1, but at over a grand for a Alu frame I just couldnt justify it.

The frame needs to be stiff and predictable. I will be racing mostly indoors on wood at Dunc Gray and training outdoors on asphalt at Tempe

This is my current shortlist, I would be interested if anyone has any of these and can give any feedback on what they are like.

Planet X

Seems like great value for Carbon and you see a lot of people riding them (so they must be good, right?)
My concerns are that I have heard the handling can be twitchy. I dont want that.

Dolan Track Champion

Great prices direct from Dolan. Seems like a good choice apart from the fact they only come in white…

Colossi Al Colossione

Had my eye on one of these for a while. Probably with a carbon fork. However, I have never seen one on the track.
Checked the geometry and it seems pretty similar to the Dolan.

Steel is real.

You can have a play with my Planet X on Friday James

get an alu look.

Do you have any photos of the Eimei? How about a Fuji Track Elite or the new Mash looks nice?

I have a T1 and it’s ace, but I got mine for a good price. Only complaint is they chip pretty darn easy.
Keep your eyes peeled on gumtree and the 'bay for stray frames that need a home, and see what’s going round at your club and velodrome. A few of my friends have picked up BT cyclones for around a grand from good souls down at ours. Personally, I think it’s important not to get too engrossed in the stiffness, handling, performance side of things. Ride what you like the look of and you’d be happy to take down to the track and race, that fits your price range, and does the job.

what size do you need? i’ve got a 57cm alloy frame that i’ve been wanting to sell.

Felt TK2/3. Except everyone has one.

Regardless of what bike you get, you should paint it sparkly purple.

classic evilgenius.

ps. in case it’s not clear, this is terrible advice.

If you want to buy off the rack I’ve got an avanti pista pro that came with mavic ellipses and omnium cranks all for 1500. Not much to upgrade although I wouldn’t bother with those felts that come with the 3T sphinx bars = garbage IMO

I have my doubts about those planet x frames. People get excited by carbon and when they see how cheap it can be had for they jump at it. I have no experience with planet x frames though, I just assume you get what you pay for.

Well i’ve had no issues with mine riding on the street… going to debut it at the track tomorrow night. Certainly is a hell of a lot stiffer than my NJS bike.

Will report back tomorrow.

I have no doubts they’re stiff, I just wonder if they’re any better than a decent alu frame. Maybe they’re just super good value.

Fark, I am bad at bikes. I’m not saying don’t care about it, but just don’t get overly concerned about it.

As you get older, you’ll work out that appearance is pretty low down the list when looking for new bikes or anything else. You could have the prettiest bike in the world, but if you can’t ride it cos it’s uncomfortable what’s the point? Same as those fancy designer couches that look all awesome: some of those are the most uncomfortable motherfuckers I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting on.

Form Follows Function: get what actually works for you.

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thanks mate. i’ll be interested to get your take on it vs njs on the velodrome too

thanks for the advice guys.
anyone got a colossi al colossione?

nah - doesnt match my club kit. that’s the main reason for getting a new bike

I have a purple sparkly bike. The sparkles in the paint make it stiffer.

too big unfortunately