Advise please -Freewheel to Joytech E87 Hub

Picked up a Vintage Malvern Star Sportif for a $5’er, so am going to have a play

It has Weinmann 27" rims, rear hub is Joytech E87 s–eed system, has a Shimano 600 MF 6208 cassette on it.

Question is if I remove the 6 speed will a White Industries DOS Freewheel fit

cheers :?

If it’s the old type of thread on cluster and not a cassette it’ll go on. You may have to get your wheel re-dished and spaced to suit though.

Thanks Skip

see the attached link, this is the MF 6208 unit, does this make it a cluster and therefore the White Industries DOS Freewheel should be O.K?

Cheers :-o

Yeah that’s the one, I’m pretty sure you won’t have a drama. The only thing will be getting your wheel re-dished and spaced, because when you remove the cluster the hub will be off centre. You pull some of the axle spacers off the cluster side and redistribute them to the other side so the hub is in the middle. Problem is then your rim will be off centre so you need to get it re-dished. Just go to your local bike shop (LBS) and tell them what you are planning and I’m sure they’ll sort you out :smiley:

You’ll also want to think about what chainline you want. If you put the chainline between the cogs it will be out the same amount on both. Or you could set it up with a straight, or more or less straight chainline on the most used cog and sacrifice a straighter chainline on the other cog.

Yeah good call :oops: forgot about that one. If it’s not that hilly where you are you could always go a single freewheel to keep the chainline nice and tidy. You’ll probably get sick of changing the chain over anyway. I’d just go with the single, but then again Briz isn’t that hilly :slight_smile:

I am not sold on freewheel, thought as an intrioduction to single speed and riding in undulating hills it would be easier

Yeah the project is in the planning stage and the next thing to get my head around is the whole gear ratio thing, what cranks to use, number of teeth etc

I’d probably go for 165mm cranks if you even have a slight inkling that you might go fixed somewhere down the track. Long cranks will hit the ground if you lean the bike over to far (only a problem on a fix) if you’ll never go down that path then something a little bit longer might be the go. I’ve recently got into the no gears commute thing and find that even with a few hills on my regular ride about 70 gear inches is just fine. I’m not the fittest guy going either. Gets me working on some of the hills though.

im using 175mm cranks, fixed, and i havent had any pedal strike, depends what frame your riding too.

heres the bike here, as I say it cost me $5, but its in suck good nick I wonder should I butcher it, I also got another frame and set of weinmann 27" wheels with it also

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