Took a few pics of my bike on the weekend after it got its makeover, finally have it looking the way I want. Untill I change my mind again:D

Frame/Fork: Tange Aero w’ campagnolo tips n dropouts - unknown builder.
Headset: Tange levin Aero
BB: Campy Pista
Saddle: worn and torn rolls, still comfy as ever
Saetpost: Dura ace ax
Stem: Cinelli
Bars: Nitto - black champ grips on the way
Wheels: Sunshine hubs laced to atlantas w’ suntour 17t cog and lockring
Chain: KMC
Cranks: 165 Sugino track 151BCD w’ Sugino 48t ring

Im currently trying to find out who built the frame. Not too fussed but it would be cool to know the history as its pretty unique. Super fun to ride and I cant wait to give it a thrash around on the track.

this should be in the bike porn thread

Nice build Ben, I like the frame geo. Are you going to put some tape on the bars?

I bought a Columbus aero frame once but fucking Transdirect lost it… seeing this just rubs salt in my wound!!

Cheers, Im going to put some champ track grips on for now.
Are you kidding!! I hope transdirect payed up

Looks classy and fine.

Two simple black track grips at the bar ends, two bar plugs to prevent round holes in body, and a nice copper shield on the front would totally finish it. Would be great if the frame is from a builder with some classy brand design shield thingo.

Oh and maybe dustcaps on the cranks, and removing the stickers on the rims? :slight_smile:

Offtopic: SanEsteban, you’ve got a pm. Me getz reply?

Your kidding about the stickers right?

Anyhow, nice bike!

Dude, that thing looks nice, I’m really digging the geo, as well as your choice of parts.

If I had Atlantas, I’d want everyone to know what they were. The rim stickers look fine just as they are.

Exactly! how else is anyone going to know I have hectic campagnola rimz and not velicity’s:p

But seriously, the stickers are pretty nice and aren’t exactly intrusive. So I dont see the point in removing them. Plus im sure the next person to own them will want the choice of having stickers.

Shit that’s tight
Nicey nice

Looks same as my Kenevans aero :slight_smile: Cept mine has Ken Panto’s.

Really diggin’ the geo.

I love the aero stays, and sweet chrome ends.

Super sexy dude, diggin’ everyhting you’ve done. Except alloy drops, i’m a sucker for chrome but they weigh so much more.
The atlantas look so nice with this build, seeing these i’m going to Pony bikes to polish them up for me so no one will know mine aren’t just de stickered atlantas

Beautiful !!!

Stylin’ but restrained too. C’est classique, no?

Run the Tange past me again. Are the tubes stamped Tange or were Tange decals originally? I would have thought Japan originally, but most Japanese builders would have opted for Shimano or Suntour dropouts (I said most). This frame is high zoot and quite unique. Guessing never helps anyone but my money would be on an Oz builder. But who? I can’t see any signs or “calling cards” of particular builders that I’m familiar with.

No tange stamps or decals, only stamp is a number on the bb shell.

I took your advice and emailed Mr Spudvilas. He suggested an aussie builder and mentioned that Vivalo and Extra Proton both built frames very similar to this one…tubing/seatpost/clamp treatment. Also said that campagnolo tips were very very rare in japan.

Gypsy mentioned that it looks similar to his kenevans aero so it might be worth persuing that a little further.

Spuds is a champ !!

Similar to some Kens I’ve seen but I would have expected some panto or engraving. Some of the AIS bikes have been similar, but it’s still a crap shoot and it might take a little while to figure this one out. We can’t isolate it to just Oz … a lot of O/seas riders would sell their frames after riding down here (such was the demand).

My “unofficial rule” is if it’s first rate, crisp clean lug work with no brazing gaps and perfect finish it’s Japanese built, if it’s a little sloppy then it’s Australian and if it’s rusted it’s Italian :wink:

Toyota / Holden / Alfa Romeo

what he said :wink:

Oh I see what you did there, very true!

This bike is perfect! I really like the aero brake bridge.

I’m STILL waiting for pics of this, I also call it if you sell!

I’m still in the process of getting settled… they lost this… it was 63cm too