So, ahh, how tall is your local courier delivery driver?

Apparantely it got lost in Melbourne. So if you see a big red aero tubed frame with funny lugs, it’s mine!

Back to the original post, this things looks freaking sexy. Black Champs grips would totally finish it off.

Nice, nice work.

Thread Dig!

Decided to give the the frame a fresh coat of paint. Need to get a few more bits before I can build it up again, but here are a few pics

Hot Dam…

FeCK!! Just sprayed my coffee! Very nice.

Yeah very nice

So smooth/clean/nice!

How does the seat pin work? Grub screw in the back to hold the post in place?

ohh such a purdy frame, build plan?

that seatstay junction!!!

Yea grub screw in the back, pretty bad design because if you want it to hold tight it damages the post.

Plan is a miss-match dura ace group. 7600 cranks, with the later model low-flange hubs to TB14’s.
And gonna slap one of these on the downtube:

i don’t suppose you can buy a moser-style quill seatpost for it?

Looking good, Ben! 80’s aero shit FTW.


No dice, there were only a few companies that made a seatpost to suit the tubing shape. I’ve seen Columbus, shimano and SR.

^ …and just to further complicate things, the Dura-Ace AX aero seat post came in two shapes - ‘C’ type or ‘E’ type. Although I’ve never seen the ‘E’ type, fuck knows what tubeset that was meant to fit.

Here’s a pic of the Columbus one…I wonder if they were interchangeable with the D-A ones?

Apparently Motobecane also made one.


I think they are, if there was any gaps those rubber sleeves they came with would have covered it. Not that you could find one these days…

Speaking of cools 80’s aero shit, would kill for a set of these. Would be tough on the wrists unless you rode in the drops all the time

I’ve got a set in black, may be willing to part with em