more than likey been asked a million times.

where in Adelaide can i buy a front aerospoke to suit the bike i have, fuji feather 2011

or 2nd hand?


Try Treadly in Ebenenzer Place or Bicycle Express on Halifax Street, or North Adelaide Cycles on Melbourne Street… but between you and me… don’t bother they are heavy and over-rated.

fashion is never practical!

This. And expensive, and un-trueable.

i thought they never went out of true so you didn’t have to?

and even if they are heavy/expensive, most people i know (bar lycra-clad roadies/hipsters who hate other hipsters for being hipster) think they look tops

buy a hed3. more scene points.


sure they weigh a tonne, but they’re a lot tougher than my zipp 3000, corima quad or spinergy ever was.

sadly, aerospokes don’t suit the 2011 fuji feather at all. it’s been scientifically proven (in this article) that aerospokes are unsuitable for attaching to frames they are worth (far) more than.
As a professional i feel it’s my duty to advise you that your money will be better spent on a half-decent frame or quite decent entire wheelset.


Assoc. Prof. The JAMS

these guys are just jealous haters. aerospokes are sick. get one!

get two aerospokes!

You can probably get a set of Phil Woods laced to Open Pros for the price of a potato. Far superior wheel set that will last you a lifetime, but then I guess most aren’t in the ‘scene’ for the long haul are they?


ah. all good feedback?

regardless of opinion i will be getting an aerospoke longterm as this bike will be passed down to my nephew as i will not be in Australia for too long and he likes the look.

I got one, $300 + postage, front, raw black.

You don’t own an Aerospoke, you merely pass it onto the next generation…

Velomine have Phil hubs laced to velocities etc for around $425. Plus $50 shipping or thereabouts.

nah man sounds crap

^ I love how all the Melburn dudes have weighed into this thread; Aerospoke is the light, they are the moth… :smiley:

Yeah, what the hell are all you Dictorians doing reading the backwater sub forum anyway?

i thought nickj wanted us all to get along and be less melbourne-centric…??

haha dictorians