Affinity Kissena

Few Updates:
Put Miche Pistard wheelset onboard

Ready for the track now then?

looks ace! what’s wrong with the ellipse?

really nice build all round. colour is great!

the ellipse rear hub stripped on both sides and i cant afford to fork out for a new set.
so far these are pretty neat not as light as the ellipses but decent

So I’ve finally got around to completing this build to how I orignally planned when I got the frame 3 years ago.
I decide to take some new pictures so have a look.

More on Pedalroom: Affinity Kissena 2010 - Pedal Room

P.S. I’m interested in getting into some track racing this year in Sydney anyone able to point me in the right direction?

You are the guy from Collaroy arent you? Anyway, I’d be interested in racing track as well so we may team up and drive together to the Velodrome.
There’s a post on how to get into track racing, so let me be the first one pointing you to it.

RAW @ Dunc Gray Velodrome.

Google that ^^^^ There is a reasonably big hipster crew that go down now, some of us from here, some not.

You will need a cycling Aus licence to race, you can get a day licence the first night. Wait til season starts though and licences are half price.

If you wanna feel the boards first though, just head down to DGV on any given day, pay your $10 or 15 whatever it is and go for gold.

Dunc Gray is Sydney’s only indoor velodrome. It’s a 250m track with ~43 banks. It’s pretty fucking awesome (although bankstown is not).
The summer series run by bscc finishes tomorrow. The next series starts in a few months, run by Crafty. Race All Winter (RAW) is very popular, and honestly very accommodating to newbs however I would come down the week before without a bike to see what it’s all about first as it can be overwhelming with a large number of people in attendance.

Building on what HLC replied, if you do go down to get a feel for the boards, organise someone who has raced before to join you.