ah Crap, i gotta move again...

yep, the only 3 people in the house i don’t want to stab on a regular basis are moving out.
so now i have to find somewhere else to live… again…
and that’s what i’m looking for. a place to live.
up to $100 a week, but hopefully half that.
bike friendly (i’ve sort of got ummm, 4 or 5. maybe 6. sometimes 7).
net conn. oh yeah, gotta have one of those. at least adsl. dial up would require me hanging myself.
within about 20 minutes of the city (yeronga, indooroopilly sort of circle). closer the better, but further out not really a hassle for the right place.
by preferance a downstairs room/grannyflat/garage sort of thing, but i am capable of actualy living with people.
i am a weirdo who likes ratty old rooms that you wouldn’t usualy use as a dog house :slight_smile:
anyone knows of such a beast, give me a yell. i’ve got about 6 weeks, but for once i don’t want to have to do it all in the last week.