AHBPC 2011 Rules

In light of some recent changes made to the NAH rules of which we have just become aware of fixed gear bikes without a brake will pass scrutineering at the 2011 AHBPC

(This has been cross checked with our insurance obligations and it passes.)

We do, however, strongly recommend that you have a hand brake on your fixie.

I have added a page to bikepolo.com.au with the NAH rules published as of today.

Bike Polo.

I have made subsequent changes to the other nationals related pages for consistency.

High sticking is covered by dangerous play. Referees will be looking out for it and it will be penalised.

Out of control riding either on a braked or brakeless bike is dangerous play and will be penalised.

Our edging is 800mm high (ie less than 3 feet) so “wall checking” is not permitted

Please understand that many of the rules are left to the refs interpretation. We are not robots.

The refs decision is final.