airline packing for my gear

Hi i’m a melbourne boy who is going to head up to sydney for a few weeks. i really want to bring my bike but i’m not sure how (don’t want to do a crappy job and get dents in my bike, i love it too bits). Does anyone here know how to pack a bike, i’m also low on the dough so is there a budget way of doing it ?.

cheers buddy

You could do it for free. Get a bike box from your LBS.

^ That guy went nuts. I just used clothes.

you can get bike boxes from qantas for a few bucks that have a bit more protection than the freebie from the lbs.
let your tires down, often overlooked until you getthere and have to change both tubes
and just pack well, watch for spokes making contact with anything, etc

I flew to Canberra a few weeks ago with my bmx.
I got a box from my local and then filled it up with everything I was taking.
I used my towel and sleeping bag to pack the bike, made sure my tyres were deflated and it was all secure.
I didnt use any ‘extra’ packing materials like in the rotorburn link above, but bmx gets beat up anyway so I wasn’t too concerned about scratches etc.
I did however tape it up alot better than shown in the link, you can never have too much tape and as it was raining on the morning I left I didnt want my box getting soggy and falling apart.
My bmx, pump, tools, clothes and bag to pack all my clothes in when i get there weighed in at 21kg, I assume a track bike would be of similar weight or less.
IT all arrived in Canberra as I had packed it, and I then unpacked it all and disposed of my bike box because I was driving back.
As a ‘safety’ measure I wrote my name and phone number on every side of the box just incase it turned up somewhere else with no flight details on it. I was also semi paranoid due to Qantas leaving my bags in Brisbane a week or two earlier.