Airport security

might be common sense but i totally forgot i had my tools on me when i flew to canberra last friday, and therefore lost a couple at the security desk. don’t think you can get away with having an allen key and a 15mm spanner in your carry on luggage, coz you can’t.

d-locks it seems are fine however… :?

reckon i could inflict more damage with a d-lock than a measly allen key…


ahh yes, airport security, where shall i start…

‘No sir, you cant wear that belt buckle of 2 crossed pistols about the size of a mobile phone, but you can carry them in a plastic bag that i will give you.its because they look like a real gun, ya’see.’

woulda thought i would have quicker ‘draw’ out of a bag, then disconnecting it from my belt.

i’ve travelled numerous times where i’ve forgotten to take my toolkit from my bag. my multi tool has a blade and once i had a small, but very sharp folding knife in there too. bit of a joke etc.

i had a feeling this may start numerous stories about the ridiculousness of airport security. fine by me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve flown multiple times with tools and d-locks. It seriously depends on the day/where/when you fly.

Last time i flew back from Sydney they wouldn’t let me take my D-lock on. but my bottle opener made from bike chain and a 1/4 rear road cog was fine. Rough and shit and looks like a dodgey jail weapon, but no it was fine.

Anything they think you could use to attempt to disassemble a plane mid-flight, they will confiscate.

You have the tobacco lobby to thank, in spite of the recent endeavours of Richard ‘Shoe Bomber’ Reid, for still being able to carry two (2) cigarette lighters on your person when you travel, presumably so you can spark up as soon as you hit the smoking deck at your destination, before picking up your bags etc.

I reckon it wouldn’t be too hard to pop the window of an airplane, or at least trigger a mid-flight re-route, with the contents of two full bics.

Smoker’s Rights, see?

shave the beard son :wink:

ace. now will be added to the TSA/FBI/ASIO watch list.

i dunno, after your “best cop’s a dead cop” quote in that other thread they might already be onto us :wink:

spirito - i do have a beard, albeit a mangy ginger one…maybe that’s why they stopped me, ginger security!!

yeh theyre pretty big on the ginger security these days, must be tough

hong kong only let me keep one of the 3 or 4 lighters i had in my bag, vietnam however didnt notice the bigger than average pocket knife that i forgot to take out of my bag

Brisbane missed a Park Tools multitool I had in my backpack on the way to Sydney. Never mind, they got it the next morning on the way home. :expressionless:

i had a lock ring spanner in my bag the other day at Melb airport, it was right at the bottom of the bag and i must have missed it when i removed the other tools, anyway went thru security, all sweet the realised i was in the wrong terminal so out that one and into the right terminal and security pulled me up there.

“Alright bud, wanna explain the hook knife in there?”

I had no idea what they were talking about till i saw the Xray pic of it, ended up going to the post office thing at the airport, put it in a jiffy bag and sent it back to my house for the grand total of $2.40

Best bet is to put all your tools n shit in your bike box

yeah i was at the good ol tiger terminal and i don’t think there’s a post box at that one :frowning:

did u still want that d-lock i have coz erle may have a key he’s willing to try…awaiting a pm from him as we speak.



similar story to mine. had my chainwhip at the very bottom of my bag and when asked about the big knife in my bag, i thought “you’ve got to be joking”. but when i let him search my bag… hey presto! facepalm

i was running late and didnt have time to post it home. so me = no more chainwhip

Things just ain’t what they used to be.

I remember going to my older brothers wedding about 10 yrs ago and catching the same flight out as my younger brother. We were both still well pickled from the after party. (thats after the reception).
As his carry on luggage he had 150 meters of climbing ropes with all his other gear all sort of wrapped up in a nice little pack.
One of the flight crew asked what the rope was for so he says
“if you are going to tie up the whole crew you need a bloody big piece of rope now don’t ya…”

No one said a word and he just stuffed it in the overhead and ordered 2 cans of VB for us before the plane got moving.

We still laugh.


have lost allenkeys and screw drivers not the best kit but my favrouts…stole from my dad teh day i moved outa home.

But as a hairdresser i was being flown to melbourne to do a show and forgot to remove my scissor kit from my bag, bag went through and the security guard was wondering why i thought flying with 3x Scissors
2x Cut throuts
2x Packets of razor blades
1x packet of bobby pins
was ok …embarresed i begged he lady at the desk to please put it into my bag which her credit she did. That is about 3grand worth of gear i didnt have to replace.

i have a chain whip that is the wrong size for my fixed cog…it’s a BBB one and is pretty much brand new. pretty sure it’s a 3/32

interested? pm me if you’re keen. i’m in melbourne.


I somehow got a Swiss army knife onto a Ryan Air flight departing from Bratislava in February - It was in my carry on and i didn’t realise till I got to my destination.

I remember a time when, in Borneo, a friend forgot he had packed a machete he found in his hand luggage. It wasn’t picked up. We were getting on a 12 seater plane. If that had been a real madman, shit would have gotten so real.

As an aside, i get hassled a lot in Asia by airport security.

I reckon you could get anything onto Ryanair, as long as its not over the weight limit. My dad got pulled up at Dublin for carrying two QR axles and a bike rack mount in his backpack. Didnt have to ditch them though.

I took a 5 inch long folding knife on a trip to Tassie in carry-on back in 1998. Sydney-Melb-Launceston and Hobart-Melb without a question. Nearly didnt make it back to Sydney though. The security guys eyes lit up when he saw it on the scanner. I reckon he thought he’d scored a jackpot, except that it was a 21st birthday present and it was engraved with my name.