Airport security

I’m often carrying numerous camera bodies and lenses which often get extra attention when going through security, which is irritating as I still use film and too many passes through gamma rays can damage it. I think they just do it to annoy me…

i think it was more the relaxed eastern European attitude, me overheating with two coats with bulging pockets of stuff on and about 4 jumpers didn’t raise any eyebrows. Even though i was flagrantly exceeding the carry on limits

just had a trip to QLD, and i’m not a frequent flyer (this was the third time i’d been on a plane) so i didn’t even think about all my tools in my bag, stashed them at the airport and they were still there when i got back, stoked becasue a few of the tools in there were on loan.

Which airport let you hide a bag of random metal crap for [a week?], and pick it up afterwards, and not question you about it? Did you hide them inside an airline register attendant?

That is Brilliant!

About 20 years ago coming back from a family trip to Indonesia, my dad got pulled for bringing back a Cross Bow , confiscated and a $1000 fine.

Who knew!

sorry to hear that, since when aren’t crossbows allowed on planes?! :smiley:

korean air once tried to charge me an $800 excess/over-size baggage fee for trying to fly my fixie from japan to sydney once, got it down to ONLY $200…wtf…note to self…even though i wasn’t over the limit…never fly korean air.


exactly! since when were crossbows dangerous? I mean it was already on the plane, cant exactly terrorise an airport with a cross bow lol

and the lesson for you mark is always bargain with asians :lol:

I got shit at Melbourne once for having a ring binder folder in my bag, then on the way back from Sydney, I mentioned it as I was going though and the dude gave me a look as if to say, why would I care, then told me that it was typical of Melbourne.

Another time I flew to Brisbane and back with a large Stanley Knife in my bag and din’t get picked up.

They didn’t let me hide them, i just walked outside of the terminal and hid it next to the hanger under some rubbish.
Benefits of flying tiger-their terminal is not joined to anything really.

‘‘On the one hand it is not a big deal: the police chief commissioner is not going to hijack a plane to go to Cuba or create any threat,’’


It can result in a maximum seven-year jail term if the breach was intended, or a two-year jail term if it was not intended.

Let’s see him get 2 years then. It’s fucking bullshit if he doesn’t get charged. Another case of one rule for the cops, one rule for the rest of us.

there is absolutely no way he’ll get reprimanded for it. i suppose if he wasn’t chief commissioner he may have kept his mouth shut about the whole thing…