AIS Lo-Pro?

Chatting to one of the locals here in Daylesford who has acquired a fillet brazed frame designed for 650/700 with large fillets. He was told it was made for the AIS but there is nothing on the frame to identify it. I will try to get some photos soon but in the meantime if anyone knows anything about these frames could you enlighten me.


These were used by the AIS I believe

There is one of these on the wall at River City Cycles on Fairfeild Rd Yeronga. Porn.

I had one a few years ago, pretty cool and I don’t think there are many around

Is that one Andy’s ? I thought someone on the forum owned it???

I want dat

Justin did. Rode it to great success in escape from the suburbs.

Yep it’s still mine. It’s been sitting at Andy’s for a few months now because I figure it’s better off being there where more people can enjoy it rather than it gathering dust in my room.