AIS (mmmmmaybe Brian Hayes?) roadie

This is a frame and fork that i got from a friend and built up with bits from another friend.
Its its 58cm square-ish, columbus sl. It was built for my mates brother who was a roadie at the AIS in the 90s and i thought it might have been a bit ragged out when i got a chance to ride it… but its snappier than any steel frame that I’ve ridden… not sure if its all the frame or partly the wheels. they are superb. I’m putting a different headset in tomorrow and some wider bars soon. but as it is, I thought people might like the look of it. I’ll take some bigger and better pics soon.

oops, sorry Gypsy, spec list is
veloce everything bar the brakes (centaur) and wheels (scirocco 20 wheelset…which i am sure i’ve seen in a catalogue somewhere, maybe 1998 or so? anyway, heavy, stiff and aero… campy stamped DT aero spokes). seat post has been switched to an aero one with setback, stem will change to Cinelli XA and bars will end up 42cm somethings with a trad and deep bend. peds are spds. on that, i dont think i’ll ever go back to road peds and shoes, the idea of a wider platform on contact being more comfortable is absolutely imperceptible to me. and i can kick a soccer ball around in my mtb shoes :slight_smile:

Nioce and a spec list!