Aldi Bike Sale

Someone at work just pointed this out.

ALDI - special buys from wed 05 oct - hurry, limited stocks in store*

Scroll half way down.

Probably all crap…but it’s definitely all cheap.

worth a look

I’ll be queuing for one of these…

Aldi stuff is cheap but it goes alright! I have a few of their tools and would buy again. <3 ratchet spanners

buy a sweet dually for $200, win.

tool kit looks like a decent buy


I got on it. So here’s my 2 cents:

Armwarmers are for flabby arms only, or bodybuilders. Quality seems nice though.
Legwarmers are great value, fit is good, no sagging, materials feel right.
Sunglasses are not too bad, def good value for money. On the small side though, could use more height.
Knicks are pretty good. Same chamois as my sugoi knicks that were 4 times the price. Wouldn’t use them for anything other than hidden lycra though. They look like Netti :slight_smile:
Gloves are cheap, and feel cheap.
Cycling underwear? Looks like any pair of boxershorts will do just the same. I might be wrong, haven’t tried.

Toolkit looks like the same generic shit but for a quarter of the usual price. Still refuse to buy it.
Softshell jacket actually looked like good value. I got plenty jackets though.

Armwarmers are for flabby arms only, or bodybuilders.

East germans.

Yeah my old lady got on it for me! Arm warmers / leg warmers / 30 dorra light. Worth a crack!

Thought I’d take my chances with the $60 wind trainer they had listed for yesterday plus a couple of the $20 helmets. Went to get them after work today but all that was left was a couple of empty pallets.

I bought the bike lifter for 8 bucks. Basically pulleys and rope. Perfect to hoist my P-Far in the garage.

Any wind trainers left up there?

same here in Canberra, all that was left in my local store were a couple of helmets.

A pallet of wind trainers would be a life time supply for many LBS

I was unlocking my bike today and noticed the bike next to it had its fork on the wrong way, with the breaks under the down tube and everything–like this:

I had my phone out to take a picture when the owner showed up. He said he’d bought the bike at Aldi and didn’t know they were on the wrong way…

Aero, all the new fangled aero roadies are going that way…

Is that the pic you took or from the net?
Ahh just asking cos Aldi have their own brand crane and in the 4 years ive worked there
never come across raleigh/dunlop/etc…

Yeah that pic’s from google, I didn’t get my photo due to the owner arriving.

So have you been putting crane forks on the wrong way for four years?! :stuck_out_tongue:

A long time ago, I used to earn some extra cash by building bikes for K-Mart.
What you see in that pic is how the forks are packed in the box (turned around backwards) to reduce space needed.
I would suggest someone who knows nothing about bike building, eg 15 year old store staff or someone who bought the bike in the box, built the bike assuming the forks go that way because that’s how they were in the box.

I do bike ed for my son’s school and there are numerous kids turn up with bikes set up that way…I’m guessing dad gets a skinful on Christmas eve and doesn’t read the instructions for the “some assembly required” KMart special.