Alex Bird...

…my word!

Bird bird bird, bird is the word!

Yeh, holy shit.

WHat about Alex Bird?

Oh, probably different Alex Bird

That Men’s 15 k scratch race was sensational. Bobridge takes 3 weeks off, jumps back on and still laps them all.

The crash following by the lightning/thunder crack was bizarre. I hope the Tassie rider’s OK.

yeah, apparently he just has bruising. they breed them tough down there.

mens under 19 madison tonight. that’s going to be all over the shop. thrills n spills…

Watched his 2 rides in the final again today. Kid is strong and gutsy. A treat to see and full cred to anyone that can get around Perkins twice.

Yeah different. But pretty funny…

Missed this. So Alex Bird is the new sprint champ? How much did he beat whatshisface by?

SBS made it quite clear several times that perkins was loading up on training for the worlds, took a bit of shine off it, IMO i didnt think it was worth stating over and over,

Is Mike T’s man crush on Jack B as big as any in world sport? its almost like Bruce M calling Carl Lewis.

Sorry for not writing the last names they are too fucking long.

during one of mike’s gushing interviews there was a point when even jack looked embarrassed.

speaking of weird moments, however… everyone seemed pretty stoked with matt glaetzer’s win in the keirin, until he started talking about god. i tell you this, he lost a living room full of fans at that very second.

The Eddy Merckx god or the other one?

the imaginary big white guy in the sky.

shit gets awkward around 6:55 -
Keirin glory for Glaetzer : Cycling Central on SBS

It’s ame, mario!

Yeah I thought he was a dude up until that point. I think the quote was “all glory goes to him”.

All glory goes to your fucking pistons you animal! So fast.

My other favourite interview for the evening was Anna Meares briefly talking about how happy she was to win the sprint crown and then moving onto how that it justified her not eating chocolate. She made it very clear she’s been finding it hard.

thongs were thrown at tellys and everything! haha

rumour has it that when glaetzer started getting all jesusy, mike tomalaris’ face was a sight to behold

well i was just across the track when this interview was taking place and noticed a change in body language from MT. said to the person sitting next to me that i bet he just dropped the god stuff… how was that for a guess?