ALEX G6000 Rims laced to FORMULA Hubs

ALEX G6000 / FORMULA HUBS TRACK & FIXIE WHEELSET - eBay Road Bike Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 01-Jun-10 12:05:56 AEST)

Opinions, for that price?!


Ooooooh can i say it this time?

search function

nope not the search function this time… there’s a place for “EBAY” items… can’t remember what it’s called?

I bought a set for my elan tt (search will find it).
I got them for $96 delivered and for the price I don’t think they can be beaten, they are much better quality and lighter than the stars wheelsets that you can get for a comparable price.
So far there haven’t been any problems and I’d definitely buy them again.
Also their width make changing tyres so easy.

edit: forgot to add that the bearings aren’t the smoothest.

trick kiddies of the US trick on them.

Ah sorry guys. Thread can be deleted. Will repost in eBay thread.

whats the difference between the g6000 and the alex r450 rims? the r450 rims look similar and are $250 - $300 ??