Alex G6000 rims.

He should just put a buy it now price on them (I see he has it on one of them). Are they actually good? They have pretty good reviews online but this process has me a bit suss. Am happy to be disavowed of that notion.

i agree, pain in the ass when people dummy bid stuff, but when there only going for peanuts who really cares. He gets a few extra bucks which im sure he needs cos theres NO WAY he could be making any $$$ of them at between $60-$100. Either way i wouldnt bother reporting it coz everyone wins, he gets to get some of his money back which im sure isnt making him as much profit as hed planned and everyone gets a cheap wheelset.t my 2c :slight_smile:

i also noticed that the postage has gone up from 25 or 30 to 40 since when i got them…sneaky

the reply…as pure as new snow

"We are not sure what you mean? Can you please be more specific with ebay user id’s so we can look through previous bidding historys.

We have repeat customers who are after more than 1 color and are continually bidding on our wheelsets in an attempt to win multiple items.

If you are insinuating that we are shield bidding, then your assumption would be erroneous.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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I got one Alex G6000 wheelset for $100, including shipping. And another for $120.
Pretty cheap right? :expressionless:

I want a black set, but I refuse to pay more than $50, plus shipping for them.

Yo, BPM, how are yours working out?

i got a black pair of these the other day for $58+shipping, and since it was so cheap decided to go for another but got sniped by someone in the last 4 seconds (went for $62). the winner also had nearly all history with the seller recently. he (or she) is def fake bidding, but hey, not by much if he’s still letting them go for ~50. im still happy with $98 posted.

Yeah, the last two sets I’ve seen have gone for $78-$80ish. I don’t need them, but I want them.

yeah i think he’s shooting himself in the foot by having so many of the auctions up at once, it gives bidders too many options. he should cut the supply and force them all into one auction. see micro economics 101

^^^^^ dude i come here to procrastinate from eco exam revision, if you keep this up i just might pass

@ jolan: i don’t ride them that much but so far they have held up alright, no breakages etc. They don’t roll that smooth but i haven’t pulled the hubs apart to have a look at the condition inside. For the price they are amazing. The rims are great for the street they seem really solid and their width makes it really easy to put tyres on. I don’t think I will regret them.

just opened the box up. being formula hubs i assumed they’d spin like the formula hubs on velocitys etc. but no, they are rough as guts. like they’ve saved money by using small pebbles instead of bearings. still, less than 100 posted cant complain too much…

I’m no expert, but try backing off the locking nut that butts up against the outer edge of the bearing (if you know what I mean). If it’s done up too tight the bearings can feel pretty shit.

Slight thread revival but I just picked up a pair of these for $31 plus the $40 shipping. So cheap. I didn’t even really need wheels I just was bored on the train home this evening and bid with an hour left, checked my emails before and couldn’t believe I won them!
Anyone who’s bought them got any kind of review?

Ditto, got some for exactly the same price.
Only blue and gold left though, so I went blue.
Building a beater/polo hack so this is perfect.

they are formula looseball hubs
usual formula hubs are sealed bearing
looseball are lower quality

but, after i rode my set for a week or so, they spun fine
not as good as sealed bearing of course, but much better than what they seem at first…
so just give it a week of riding to break in really, and they will be fine

I just won a set also… $67 inc shipping…
anyway, im a complete noob to the whole fixie world and am in the process of conveting a single speed into a fixie. With this wheelset, what else will I need to buy? cog? lockring? (please be nice)

You will need to buy a cog, lock ring, rim tape, tubes and tyres.
Aswell as take them to your local bike shop and ask them to lubricate the bearings properly and also true the wheels. They will also install the Cog and lockring for you properly.
Then you wont have any problems.
Buy good a quality cog and lockring…eg, Surly, Dura-ace, Miche. The extra money spent here will save you massive hassles later when your cheap shitty Lockring doesnt hold and strips the threads on your hubs.

Thanks… I’ll check out my lbs

Mine look and feel pretty good out of the box, proof will be in the riding i guess. Rear spins better than the front.Fitted some Zefal rim tape and tryes tubes from the parts rack today.Yet to purchase a cog/lockring.
Tyres were an easy fit on the rims for a change.
Certainly a cut above the Stars Quando combo I’ve seen floating around.

Mine were pretty much dry…I repacked the bearings and loaded them with grease. They run pretty good now.
The first thing Ill be doing is buying new hubs though…but these will do for the time being.