Alex G6000 rims.

I prob wont do too much riding so i guess the hubs should be ok for now.
I called my LBS and they said they had dura-ace cogs and lockrings, but will cost about $80 all up… sounds pretty pricey?

^ wiggle

10 char

Yeah, is good.
I got my surly 15t cog from them for $26. Then got the lock ring from the BSC service centre for $25. You just have to ask them for a Discount. The guy took 10 bucks off the stickered price.

Good advice, just disassembled the front one and the grease was sparse.Loaded it up and now it won’t stop spinning on the bench.
certainly worth doing.i’ll do the rear later over a few brewskis.

Got my rims the other day… this may sound like a dumb question, but do I need rim tape?

Yes you do, otherwise your tube will expand with air into the nipple holes, and pop the tube easily.

Hunt around for rim tape, it should be about 3-5 bucks a roll. sSome local LBS’s go giddy with the prices and charge 8-10 for what is essentially cloth and glue.

^ What he said

or just use electrical tape